Curaçao is a beautiful island and Willemstad is an exciting and thriving city.

The old center of Willemstad is protected as a World Heritage Site and is heavily restored in recent years. There's lots to see and lots to do! Restaurants are plentiful, from simple to luxury dining restaurants such as 'Fort Nassau' or 'The Tavern' in Groot Davelaar. The rest of the island (a total of about 444 km2) offers much beauty, both in nature and in sights.

And there is the underwater world, according to experts, one of the most beautiful in the world, and of a breathtaking beauty. The reef with the endless variety of corals starts near the coast so when diving or snorkeling it is quickly reached. The colors of the underwater world, with its tropical fish in a variety of shapes and colors, is a beautiful experience that will remembered a life time.

From Curaçao you can make plane trips to the other Dutch Antilles islands Bonaire and Aruba. At all these three islands they speak Dutch and English, besides the local Papiamento language.

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The Climate

The weather in Curaçao is never a topic of any conversation. The explanation is simple: it is almost always the same weather.

The average temperature is 28 degrees celcius (82 Fahrenheit) during the day and during the night it usually varies between 26 and 33 degrees. Usually there are gentle trade winds which provides cooling. Although preventing blue skies, there are often loose, drifting clouds that ensure that it is rarely uncomfortably hot. The sun shines an average of eight hours per day.

Because Curaçao is close to the equator, the sunset is almost all year around at half past seven and the sunrise at six o'clock in the morning. The island hardly knows any Seasons. The average rainfall is low. Most rain falls in the period from October to December, but that only means that sometimes there are a few heavy showers during the night; during the day some rain doesn't mean it becomes cold, it stays pleasantly warm.

To summarize; an absolutely pleasant climate throughout the year. Always able to sit outside whether its morning, noon, evening or night. Never wear a jacket, tie or anything to keep you warm. T-shirt with shorts or skirt is the standard outfit in Curaçao.

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Airline tickets

jetBlue has direct flights from the US to Curaçao and operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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